Wire Pointing Machine

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Technical Specifications:

Model Wire Size R.P.M. Power
MWM-TW-3 0.8-3 mm 58 ½ HP
MWM-TW-6 1.5 – 5.5 mm 64 2 HP
MWM-TW-13 5 – 5.5 mm 43 5 HP
MWM-TW-25 13.5 – 25 mm 29 7.5 HP/10 HP


  • This machine is a kind of wire head roller and is suitable for rolling soft wire and mid carbon wire 13mm in diameter.
  • The operation of this machine is very simpleand convenient.
  • This kind of revolving type pointing machine can rotate up to 90 degree.
  • Suitable for much bigger diameter for soft steel wire, medium carbon steel wire and etc., easy to operate with wide range uses.